Pony Partys!

A party with a real difference!

Bring your children to enjoy the fresh air and the great outdoors, get up close to real ponies and have the chance to to groom, pamper and decorate them with paints, coloured hair clips and glitter their hooves.

Each party is individually tailored to your child’s age, gender, ability and likes, you can be sure that they will have an experience to treasure.

Making dreams come true and leaving magical memories.

Unicorn Partys!

Keep the magic alive, whether you believe or not, our unicorns look amazing whatever your age!

Arrange a special treat, visit and ride a real unicorn

This experience is great for Children’s parties. Decorate and ride a unicorn!

Own a Pony Day

Own a pony days gives the kids a chance ride, groom, play pony games and have a pony to care for the day! These pony days are an excellent way to develop riding skills and build confidence on and around the ponies. It’s also a fantastic way to make lots of ‘like-minded’ friends.